Collins Aerospace to Produce Electric Generator for Abrams Tank

The US Army has awarded Collins Aerospace a $24-million contract to produce electric generators to power the Abrams M1A2 main battle tank.

Part of the Army’s System Enhanced Package version 3 (SEPv3), the generator delivers 50 percent more onboard power than the tank’s legacy system in the same space.

Enables Integration of Additional Systems

The generator’s increased power enables the addition of advanced systems, such as laser warning receivers and radio jamming capabilities, enhancing the platform’s survivability and reliability.

Unlike the platform’s legacy system, which does not provide full power when the vehicle is idle, the Collins generator uses advanced magnetics and active load management to provide full power throughout the vehicle’s operating range.

In addition, the system’s enhanced digital capabilities provide opportunities for health monitoring and predictive health maintenance.

800 Generators Delivered

“Across our business, we are leveraging electric power, from commercial aerospace to military platforms, to support the evolving needs of our customers,” said Collins Aerospace program manager Russell Andrey.

“To date, Collins has delivered 800 electric generators, in support of the SEPv3 program, supplying critical power, diagnostics, and predictive maintenance support on the ground.”

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