Russia’s Ability to Produce Ka-52 Choppers Should Be Stopped: Ukraine Official

Russia should be stopped from producing new Ka-52 attack helicopters for use in Ukraine, according to a senior government official in Kyiv.

Andriy Yermak, the head of Ukraine’s presidential office, said that while Kyiv’s forces can effectively shoot down Ka-52 choppers, it is “much better to deprive Moscow of the ability to produce them.”

He claimed that the rotary-wing aircraft, which the Kremlin calls the world’s best helicopter gunship, is built with high-tech components from various Western and Asian countries.

Although Yermak did not specify the nations he was referring to, he argued that Russia does not have the ability to produce helicopter parts such as linear stabilizers, processors, and chips, so it has to import them from foreign manufacturers.

“Sanctions against Russia need to be strengthened,” Yermak stressed. “The Russian military-industrial complex should not have access to technology.”

Fight Against Ka-52 Choppers

Russia’s Ka-52 “Alligator” is a twin-seat, all-weather attack helicopter designed to destroy enemy armored vehicles, tanks, low-speed aerial targets, and personnel at the frontline.

Its external hardpoints can carry VIKHR anti-tank guided missiles, ATAKA missiles with laser guidance systems, and B8V-20 rocket launchers.

Despite its advanced features, Ukraine’s air defenses have proven effective against the chopper.

According to independent monitoring group Oryx, Moscow has lost at least 40 Ka-52s since it invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

The most recent attack happened on Thursday morning when Kyiv shot down two Alligators using a portable air defense missile system.

‘Full of Western Parts’

Yermak’s statement about Russian defense items containing Western components is backed by previous intelligence reports on captured weapons.

Last year, a Ukrainian technical intelligence officer said an Orlan-10 surveillance drone previously operated by Moscow had an engine produced in Japan and a tracker made in the US.

He also revealed that the drone’s thermal imaging module was manufactured in France just after the invasion started.

In a separate report, eight US-made microchips were found inside a recovered Russian air defense command post vehicle.

The chips were produced by American tech giants Intel, Micrel, Micron Technology, and Atmel Corp.

A Russian Kh-101 cruise missile was also discovered to have at least 35 US-made microchips inside.

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