Russia’s Defense Minister Admits Ukraine War Backfiring on Moscow

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has admitted for the first time that the war his country is waging on Ukraine is now beginning to backfire on Moscow.

During a recent department meeting, President Vladimir Putin’s top military aide revealed that Russia’s obstacles in Kyiv have significantly increased since its invasion began in February 2022.

One of the problems Moscow is facing is the sudden expansion of NATO due to the serious regional security threats brought on by Russian aggression.

With Finland formally becoming a member in April and Sweden also set to join the alliance, Russia is reportedly in an “embarrassing position,” as it claimed before that the invasion was partly due to NATO’s bid to expand.

Worse for Russia, NATO members have begun laying out a blueprint of what to do in the event of a direct war with Moscow, according to a report by Daily Express.


Another major obstacle in Russia’s invasion is the heavy sanctions imposed by Western countries affecting Moscow’s defense industry.

A US defense official has claimed that Putin is now struggling to replace guided missiles due to an embargo on electronic components.

The sanctions have also reportedly affected the production of new Russian military equipment, making it hard for Moscow to resupply its troops on the frontline.

“The US is steadily raising the stakes, seeking ever more long-range and deadly weapons from its allies,” Shoigu stressed. “These threats to Russia’s military security require a timely and adequate response.”

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