Russia Equips Su-57 Jets With AI-Based Secure Communication Suite

Russia’s Ruselectronics has equipped Su-57 fighter jets with an artificial intelligence-based radio communication suite.

The suite improves information transmission between the aircraft and ground-based systems, Rostec explained in an April statement.

It is designed for fifth-generation aircraft and operates on very high-frequency bands.

The Russian Air Force expects to induct around 22 Su-57s by the end of 2024, and 76 by 2028.

Enhances Counter-Jamming Capability

The system’s “cognitive radio technology” enhances its “interference and intelligence immunity,” helping it counter jamming and other electronic warfare techniques employed by adversaries.

“The equipment ensures data transmission validity by means of noiseless coding, message symbol interlacing, universal time synchronization for signal processing, simultaneous message transmission via parallel links, extending stable communication range, and using artificial intelligence technology,” Rostec said.

The system includes computers, interlacers and de-interlacers, high-frequency-band antenna tuners, digital signal processors, and noiseless encoders and decoders.

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