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Rheinmetall to Supply Hero Loitering Munitions for Hungary

Hungary has awarded Rheinmetall a “three-digit million-euro” contract to supply Hero Loitering Munitions in the next two years.

Hero is a family of effectors modified by Rheinmetall in partnership with Israeli drone developer UVision Air.

The two companies signed their strategic partnership in October 2021 to meet the increasing demand for remotely-controlled precision munitions.

‘Highly-Effective’ Weapon System

The Hero Loitering Munitions hover above a target while locating threats as well as possible enemy capabilities. They evaluate precise trajectory and timing information before conducting a high-precision strike.

A Hero platform can engage various targets, such as light vehicles on the move, tanks, field defense, air defense systems, and infrastructure.

A single operator can deploy the kamikaze drone on the ground or via control terminals located in headquarters.

Furthermore, the weapon system can be launched in GPS-contested environments or airspaces with jammed radio connections.

A U.S. Marine Corps Hero-400 loitering munition drone is staged before flight on San Clemente Island, California, May 25, 2022. The Hero-400 is a loitering munition that the United States Marine Corps and other Department of Defense entities are beginning to incorporate into specific mission sets. This initial training flight develops the unmanned aerial systems pilots’ confidence and abilities to be able to operate the Hero-400 in any clime and place, and enabling 3rd MAW to remain a more lethal and ready force. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Daniel Childs)
US Marine Corps staging a HERO-400 loitering munition drone for military training. Photo: Lance Cpl. Daniel Childs/US Marine Corps

“Hero precision munitions provide modern armed forces on today’s battlefields with the ultimate in operational flexibility,” Rheinmetall said.

“The weapon systems possess a unique, autonomous target engagement capability, including reconnaissance, monitoring and recognition. It locates, tracks and engages emerging enemy targets with low signatures beyond the line of sight.”

“Modern armed forces around the world, among them those of major NATO members, use Hero Loitering Munitions, which have proven highly effective in combat operations.”

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