Elbit to Deliver PULS Long-Range Rocket Systems to Mystery Buyer for $150M

An unknown international customer has awarded Elbit Systems a $150 million contract to supply Precise and Universal Launching Systems (PULS) rocket launchers and precision-guided long-range rockets.

The three-year contract comes two months after the Israeli company received a $305 million contract from the Netherlands for 20 PULS units.

The company has not revealed the number of systems to be supplied in the latest contract. However, judging by the previous contract, it should be around 10.

Precise and Universal Launching System

The Commit truck-mounted system can launch a wide range of munitions such as unguided rockets, precision-guided munitions, and missiles to up to 300 kilometers (186 miles).

In addition to the Commit, the system can be adapted to fit existing wheeled and tracked platforms.

According to the manufacturer, the system’s unique design allows the future possibility of launching loitering munitions, including the canister-launched configuration of Elbit Systems’ SkyStriker kamikaze drone.

Increased Demand

“We are seeing an increased demand for our advanced artillery solutions from militaries looking to increase the effectiveness of their armed forces,” Elbit System Land general manager Yehuda (Udi) Vered said.

“This contract provides an additional vote of confidence in Elbit Systems’ PULS rocket artillery solutions.”

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