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OKSI Wins Precision Guidance Kit Contract for USSOCOM Mortar Rounds

The US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has awarded OKSI a $2-million contract to provide precision guidance kits for 81-millimeter mortar rounds.

Precision guidance kits are integrated with weapon systems prone to inaccuracy and convert them into a precision strike asset for “first-round effect.”

The equipment enables troops to fire mortars with accurate projection to predesignated targets or desired impact points.

In addition, the system assists the weapon in identifying, fixing, and locking onto threats while applying pop-out control surfaces to steer the mortar onto a target.

“The [precision guidance kit] provides a precision strike capability that is in the field commander’s back pocket,” OKSI CEO Chris HolmesParker stated.

“USSOCOM is a respected partner of ours and we are grateful to be working with them on numerous efforts. This award shows the trust and faith they have in the OKSI team to deliver a solution that needs to be extremely accurate and reliable when lives are on the line.”

Supporting Special Force Precision Capabilities

OKSI’s precision guidance kits leverage proprietary tracking and detection algorithms to transform unguided munitions and enhance the capability of ground units relying on such weapon systems.

The technology reduces the time to intercept adversaries for land-based special operations forces that usually have to wait on close-air support to deliver precision strikes.

“We are proud to see our advanced technologies providing our warfighters with cutting-edge targeting capabilities for precision munitions such as the 81mm mortar,” OKSI Strategic Partnership Director Christopher Shaub stated.

“Our advanced seekers enhance our frontline capabilities, ensure desired effects, and reduce collateral damage and ammo expenditures. We thank SOCOM for recognizing our unique technology and providing us the opportunity to help our elite operators.”

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