UK, Poland to Bolster Military Partnership by 2030

The UK and Poland have signed an agreement to enhance defense, security, and foreign policy cooperation by the end of the decade.

The 2030 Strategic Partnership builds on the British and Polish government’s Treaty on Defence and Security Cooperation signed in 2017 and the countries’ growing alliance for three decades.

‘Greater’ Cooperation

The latest agreement focuses on the UK and Poland’s commitment to protecting the international system, safeguarding one another’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, freedom, and defense of fair trade.

It will advance future collaborations for next-generation military capabilities development, increased joint training exercises, and bilateral contributions to NATO-related missions.

“Just as the UK and Poland fought together to preserve freedom in Europe during World War 2, so today the UK and Poland are standing together once more, at the forefront of international support for Ukraine,” UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated.

“Our 2030 Partnership commits the UK and Poland to even greater defence, security and foreign policy cooperation into the future.”

Closer Military Partnerships

Before the signing, the UK and Poland discussed further cooperation in the Euro-Atlantic region, Ukraine’s defense against Russia, and NATO-associated interests for the upcoming Vilnius Summit.

Ukrainian Armed Forces training in UK
Ukrainian Armed Forces training in UK. Photo: Cpl Anil Gurung/UK MoD

“As historic defence partners and NATO Allies, the UK stands with Poland to defend NATO’s Eastern Flank and support Ukraine against Russian aggression,” UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said.

“The 2030 Strategic Partnership strengthens our commitment to develop closer military deployments and exercises and deliver on immediate and long-term capability projects.”

Recent UK-Poland Collaborations

Hundreds of British warfighters are currently deployed in Poland to maintain their military alliance.

British Challenger 2 main battle tanks are also operational in Poland alongside the ongoing delivery of Sky Sabre air defense systems to the country.

Earlier this year, the UK and MBDA signed a $2.4-billion air defense contract to roll out air defense capabilities across the Polish armed forces.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Polish President Andrzej Duda met in February to reaffirm their commitment to the Ukrainian conflict and Sweden’s accession to NATO.

Last October, the UK and Poland signed an Air Defence Weapons Agreement seeking joint production of advanced and future weapons for their respective armed forces.

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