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US Army Seeks Nimbler Command Posts for Forward Areas

The US Army is seeking to develop more survivable command posts for dispersed operations.

Under Command Post Integrated Infrastructure (CPI2) Increment 1, the army also seeks to reduce the command post’s physical signature for improved mobility and agility.

“Five years ago, two years ago, we spent a day setting up a command post and then we spent a day tearing it down, so the command post was never able to really fight,” C4ISRNET quoted assistant program executive officer Ward Roberts as saying.

“Now, the idea is that the commander needs to be maneuvering the command post as well as maneuvering his elements.”

Command Post Integrated Infrastructure
Scalable Network Nodes. Image: 1st Lt. Stanley/ US Army

Command Post Integrated Infrastructure

The CPI2 Increment 1 includes a mission command platform and command post support vehicle with a minimum power of 12 kilowatts and 20 kilowatts, respectively.

The service seeks to field the mission command platforms and tactical command posts at corps, division, brigade, and battalion levels and mobile command groups for corps and division levels.

“Additionally, Increment 1 will comprise the integration of a unified voice management system, secure wireless mesh remote endpoint, advanced medium mobile power source, command post display screen, advanced field artillery tactical data system, USB taclink, KGV-72s, and various radios, among others,” Shepherd Media wrote, citing the draft request for proposal.

The service is likely to award an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract in 2024, including a five-year ordering period and another five-year option period.

The solution’s fielding is expected through 2035.

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