Ukraine Negotiating Naval Strike Missile Purchase With Poland: Report

Ukraine is reportedly in talks with Poland to acquire the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) system.

Warsaw operates two NSM systems within its Coastal Missile Squadron, each consisting of two batteries with three missile launch vehicles. Each vehicle carries four missiles.

According to the Polish outlet Defence24, Kyiv is considering buying either an entire NSM system or at least some of its elements.

Long-Range Strike Capability

With a range of over 100 nautical miles (185 kilometers/115 miles), the NSM could provide Ukraine with additional long-range strike capability along with the air-launched Storm Shadow missile.

The 400-kilogram (882 pounds) ground-launched missile is lighter than other anti-ship missiles, and its airframe design and high thrust-to-weight ratio give it greater maneuverability.

Difficult to Intercept

The Kongsberg Defence missile uses composite material for stealth and has excellent sea-skimming capabilities. 

The missile utilizes Inertial, GPS, and terrain-reference navigation. It also employs an imaging infrared system for terminal homing, which makes spoofing and radio frequency jamming redundant.

Moreover, the missile’s seeker is equipped with autonomous target recognition, ensuring the correct target is detected, recognized, and hit at sea or on land.

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