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General Dynamics Wins $970M Stryker, M10 Booker Contracts From US Army

General Dynamics has been awarded two contracts totaling $970 million to supply Stryker DVHA1 and M10 Booker combat vehicles for the US Army.

The first contract, valued at $712.3 million, covers the delivery of 300 “technologically advanced” Strykers to improve the armed forces’ survivability and lethality.

According to the American firm, the vehicles will feature a 450-horsepower engine to travel at speeds more than 60 miles (96 kilometers) per hour.

They will also boast a 60,000-pound (27,215-kilogram) suspension to accommodate a crew of two, a nine-man infantry squad, and various weapons.

“Stryker is the Army’s largest combat vehicle fleet – combat-proven, cost-effective, highly mobile, versatile, sustainable, and transportable,” General Dynamics Vice President Gordon Stein said.

“We are proud that our innovation, research, development, and investment have evolved the Stryker into a next-generation platform for Stryker Brigade Combat Team formations and beyond.”

M10 Booker Contract

General Dynamics received a separate contract for $257.6 million to begin low-rate initial production of the M10 Booker vehicles.

It did not specify how many M10s would be built.

Previously known as the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF), the tracked vehicle provides a mobile, direct offensive fire capability to infantry brigade combat teams.

Like the Abrams main battle tank, the Booker can accommodate four crew and features a heavy 105-millimeter direct-fire cannon.

Work for the contract will be carried out in Michigan, Alabama, and Ohio, with an expected completion date of October 2025.

In 2022, General Dynamics received a $1.14 billion US Army contract to produce 96 MPF vehicles, 26 of which will be in the first lot configuration.

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