Ukraine’s Main Offensive Reserve Force Yet to Be Deployed: Commander

Ukraine has yet to deploy the main force of its offensive reserve against Russia, suggesting that the troops on the ground are fulfilling their objectives without the need for backup brigades.

The announcement came from Kyiv’s ground forces commander, Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi, during a recent interview with The Guardian.

He said “everything is still ahead” despite his forces experiencing difficulties on the frontline due to Moscow’s stiff resistance.

The war-torn nation reportedly assembled 12 brigades to support the highly-anticipated spring offensive, nine of which are equipped with Western weapons.

However, only three are believed to have been committed to the battle, suggesting that the biggest blow is yet to come.

Syrskyi explained that although Ukraine wants to achieve victory at once, its troops must follow a strategy considering that the invading forces outnumber them.

“I want to say that our main force has not been engaged in fighting yet, and we are now searching, probing for weak places in the enemy defenses,” he said.

Ukraine's military reserve force
Members of Ukraine’s military reserve force take part in a military drill outside Kyiv. Photo: AFP

Exploiting ‘Military Coup’

The leader of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group threatened President Vladimir Putin with an armed insurrection following Moscow’s alleged bombing of his men.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the outspoken Wagner chief, vowed to march on the capital to exact his revenge.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian commanders are apparently watching from across the frontlines, looking to take advantage of any internal disorder.

A spokesperson revealed that the war-torn nation had been waiting for Russia’s reliance on irregular mercenaries to backfire.

“We predicted this would happen sooner or later and would lead to a larger escalation,” Ukrainian Armed Forces spokesman Serhiy Cherevaty told The Independent. “Without a doubt, we will take advantage of this, as you will see in the near future.”

Another soldier pointed out that the confusion within the invading forces would only allow Kyiv to take back captured territories faster.

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