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Israel Orders Over 2,000 Tavor Rifles for Infantry Brigades

Israel has contracted Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) to supply 2,800 additional Micro-Tavor assault rifles for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The 10.5-million Israeli new shekel ($2.9 million) purchase will be delivered to the Nahal, Golani, and Givati infantry brigades by 2024.

The IDF has been using the bullpup rifle, in which the cartridge is located behind the trigger, since 2006. 

Rifle Features

The 5.56x45mm caliber rifle’s longer barrel lengths of 380mm and 419mm and smaller overall length provide it with superior ballistics compared to similar weapons, particularly in urban warfare.

The rifle features M-1913 Picatinny rails to mount accessories such as sights, lights, and visual and infrared illuminators.

“The Micro-Tavor advanced design and technology was developed in collaboration with the elite units of IDF,” EDR Magazine quoted SK Group executive vice president of marketing and sales Ronen Hamudot as saying.

“During its development, every technological and ergonomic aspect was taken into consideration. We are proud to say that today it is the standard IDF assault rifle.”

The acquisition follows other IDF purchases of IWI weapons, such as the Negev light machine gun and the 40mm grenade launcher, which can be mounted onto the Micro-Tavor.

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