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Israel Negotiating Merkava Tank Sale With Unknown European Country

Israel is negotiating the sale of Merkava main battle tanks with two countries.

The negotiations are at an “advanced” stage with the potential customers, including a European country, head of the Defense Export Division at the Ministry of Defense Yair Koles told Calcalist.

This could be the tank’s first sale to a European country.

Sale of Decommissioned Merkevas

According to Ynetnews, over 200 decommissioned Merkava 2 and 3 tanks could be sold to the two customers within three months.

The Israel Defense Forces have replaced the two versions, manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s, with the more advanced Merkava 4, introduced in 2003.

The sale would require Pentagon approval, as the vehicle features American parts, including the engine.

According to Ynetnews, initial interest in the tank began in the middle of last year, coinciding with the Ukraine war

Prompted by the interest, Israeli Ministry of Defense officials checked the tanks and found they were serviceable enough to be sold.

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