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South Korea Approves Additional K2 Tank Production for $1.46 Billion

South Korea has approved the mass production of additional K2 Black Panther main battle tanks for an estimated 1.94 trillion won ($1.46 billion).

The number of tanks to be built under the five-year project was not disclosed. 

This is the fourth round of mass production of the indigenous tank, in service since 2014 and manufactured by Hyundai Rotem.

Over 200 K2s Already in Service

South Korea has already ordered and received around 260 K2s during the first three production cycles.

The Hyundai Rotem tank is intended to replace South Korea’s aging M48 Patton and K1 main battle tank.

“By acquiring additional K2 tanks through this project, (we) expect them to greatly contribute to enhancing the maneuver corps’ capabilities to carry out offensive maneuver warfare,” Yonhap News Agency quoted the country’s Defense Project Promotion Committee as stating.

Other Countries Show Interest in the K2

Production approval came nearly a year after Poland purchased 180 K2 tanks from South Korea under a $5.7 billion deal that also included 212 K9A1 self-propelled howitzers.

Following the deal, other countries have also reportedly shown interest in the tank, including Slovakia and Norway.

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