France to Send New Missiles to Ukraine for Counteroffensive: Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron announced his country will deliver new missiles to Ukraine, days after Kyiv used the UK-delivered Storm Shadow cruise missiles inside Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory.

Macron didn’t reveal the missile’s identity. However, he said that its range would enable “Ukraine to resist and to lead this (upcoming) counteroffensive.”

The president insisted that the missile wouldn’t have the range to reach Russian territory.

“We are not supplying weapons that would be able to reach Russia. Sometimes we have to impose limits,” Macron underlined in an interview with the French TV channel TF1.

More Storm Shadows for Ukraine?

Like the UK, France could send the Storm Shadow, known in France as the SCALP-EG, air-to-ground missiles.

The SCALP-EG can strike a target over 155 miles (249 kilometers) away, and its 450 kilograms (992 pounds) warhead is capable of penetrating hardened targets such as underground bunkers.

The missile features stealth and a low-altitude flight profile to reduce the possibility of its interception.

French Arms Contribution

France has sent Ceaser self-propelled howitzers, Milan anti-tank missiles, Mistral anti-aircraft missiles, and AMX-10 RC light armored vehicles to Ukraine since the war broke out last year.

On Monday, Macron announced a new arms package to Ukraine while hosting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Paris, including armored vehicles and the AMX-10RCs.

Citing a source, Reuters wrote that France would provide “more modern weapons” to Ukraine, excluding fighter jets.

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