Russia Says UK Long-Range Missiles for Kyiv ‘Extremely Hostile’ Act

Russia said Friday a decision by the UK to deliver Storm Shadow long-range missiles to Ukraine was an extremely hostile move.

By announcing it would deliver the air-launched deep-strike weapon, Britain became the first country to provide longer-range armament to Kyiv.

“We see this decision as an extremely hostile step from London, aimed further pumping weapons into Ukraine and leading to a serious escalation of the situation,” the Russian foreign ministry said.

The missile, which can be operated in extreme conditions, has been used by British and French forces in the Gulf, Iraq and Libya.

“Britain is obviously ready to overstep any boundaries and take the conflict to a fundamentally new level in terms of destruction and loss of life,” Moscow said.

Russia said it would “take all necessary measures to neutralise the threats” posed by the new missiles.

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