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Turkey Unveils Drone-Launched Mini Cruise Missile

Turkish defense firm Baykar has unveiled a drone-launched autonomous mini cruise missile.

Baykar developed the Bayraktar Kemankes to arm its Bayraktar Akinci, TB2, and TB3 combat drones, the company wrote in a statement.

The missile features an artificial intelligence-supported autopilot system and has an endurance of one hour.

AI-Aided Accuracy

The missile’s Artificial Intelligence Assisted Optical Guidance System helps it “identify and engage targets with pinpoint accuracy, even under challenging conditions,” according to the company.

The all-weather missile can operate day and night and has robust anti-jamming capability, the company claimed.

The missile’s first flight test is planned within two months and serial production by the end of this year, according to Defense Express.


The missile can travel at a maximum speed of 0.7 Mach (720 kilometers/447 miles per hour) and cruise speed of 0.3 Mach (360 kilometers/224 miles per hour).

The 1.73 meters (5.67 feet), 30 kilograms (66 pounds) missile features a 6 kilograms (13 pounds) warhead, a range of 200 kilometers (124 miles), and a communication range of 50 kilometers (31 miles). 

The developer is reportedly planning to expand its communication range to up to 100 kilometers (62 miles).

In comparison, the Turkish SOM cruise missile can weigh 500 to 620 kilograms (1,102 to 1,367 pounds), featuring a warhead of 230 kilograms (507 pounds). It has a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles).

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