Ukrainian Strike on Russian Village Kills Four: Governor

A pre-dawn Ukrainian strike on a Russian border village killed four people and wounded two others, the governor of Russia’s western Bryansk region said Sunday.

The strike on the village of Suzemka, which lies a dozen kilometers (seven miles) from the Ukrainian border, came the night after a suspected drone hit a fuel depot in Moscow-annexed Crimea.

“Two more civilians have been found and removed from the rubble. Unfortunately, both of them died,” Alexander Bogomaz, the local governor, said on Telegram.

Bogomaz initially said two people were killed when “the Ukrainian army shelled Suzemka.”

Two other villagers were taken to hospital with injuries, the official said.

Bogomaz said Ukrainian shelling hit the village twice overnight and that Russian air defense had “shot down several shells.”

He said one shell hit a residential house, sparking a fire, and that two more houses were damaged.

The village has declared a state of emergency, Bogomaz said.

“Work is continuing on the removal of rubble,” he said.

“In the areas where operational measures have been completed, a damage assessment commission has begun working.”

Russian villages in the Bryansk and Belgorod regions bordering Ukraine have been hit by a number of strikes since Moscow began an offensive into the neighboring country.

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