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US Sends 200 Troops to Train Taiwanese Soldiers: Report

The US government has sent around 200 soldiers to Taiwan to provide military training amid increasing tensions with China, according to a report by Taiwan News.

The announcement was made after Chinese fighter jets and warships simulated strikes on the island nation during a recent military drill.

A majority of the troops sent to Taipei are from the US Army and currently stationed at new training centers and reserve brigades of the Taiwanese Armed Forces.

According to the report, the instructors will provide on-the-spot training evaluations and propose improvements to their Taiwanese counterparts.

They will also familiarize Taiwanese soldiers with American combat training programs and courses for future recruitment to better cope with China’s People’s Liberation Army.

Previous Trainings

Prior to the arrival of American instructors, pilots and other personnel from the Taiwanese Air Force underwent a series of trainings at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

Naval servicemen from the island nation also often embark on joint training with US Navy personnel.

This is why only 20 percent of the 200 American soldiers sent to Taiwan are from the US Navy and US Air Force.

Most of them are “specialized instructors” that will provide refreshers and further evaluations.

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