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Saudi Arabia Deploys S. Korean Chunmoo Multiple Launch Rocket System

The Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia appear to have acquired and deployed South Korea’s K239 Chunmoo multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) on the border with Yemen.

The weapons were seen for the first time on Saudi soil during last week’s visit of Fayyad bin Hamed al-Ruwaili, the chief of the General Staff, to military units deployed on the border.

A video clip of the trip was uploaded on social media showing at least two Chunmoo MLRS and an ammunition resupply vehicle.

The launchers have Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF) markings and were number 878 and 885, potentially indicating that the Kingdom has acquired more.

The recent development has confirmed that the United Arab Emirates is not the only export customer of the South Korean Chunmoo.

The Chunmoo MLRS

Manufactured by Hanwha Defense, the K239 Chunmoo is a wheeled, self-propelled rocket artillery system originally developed to counter North Korea’s long-range artillery threats.

It is based on the company’s 8×8 cross-country chassis and can accommodate up to three crew members.

Additionally, the Chunmoo is equipped with a rocket launcher that carries two pods, each holding 130mm, 227mm, and 239mm caliber rockets.

It also comes with a computerized fire control system for direct and indirect firing.

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