BAE Systems Test-Fires Sub-Caliber Long-Range Artillery Round

BAE Systems test-fired a sub-caliber artillery round as part of the US Army’s XM1155 Extended-Range Artillery Projectile program.

A 155 mm XM907E2 58 caliber cannon fired the sub-caliber long-range projectile with enhanced lethality, striking a fixed target further away than any “precision-guided projectiles fired from the same type of cannon,” BAE stated.

The test used an army-designed sabot package for the sub-caliber round, confirming its compatibility with the 155mm cannon and propelling charges. 

BAE said that the round is being developed to defeat fixed and moving targets in contested environments.

Twice the Range of Existing Projectiles

The projectile’s maneuverability and high speed enhance its lethality, according to the company.

“This successful test confirms our sub-caliber artillery long-range projectile with enhanced lethality can defeat long-range targets and advance to follow-on testing out to double the range of existing guided projectiles and with sensors to find fixed and moving targets of interest,” BAE Systems vice president Brent Butcher said.

“We are confident that the projectile is on track to provide the army the best munitions solution for cannon artillery with a leap ahead capability that will bring a highly lethal, maneuverable projectile to soldiers on the battlefield.”

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