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Indian Army Mortar System Error Kills 3 Civilians

An Indian Army mortar system malfunctioned during a training session on Wednesday, killing three civilians, according to a report by The Washington Post, citing a government official.

The round reportedly fell short of its target and exploded in a village house in the country’s eastern state of Bihar.

A young couple and their neighbor were killed, with two others injured.

According to state official Pankaj Kumar, the couple was celebrating a Hindu festival with the woman’s parents when the shell landed in the courtyard.

The village is 120 kilometers (65 miles) from an Indian Army firing range in Patna.

It is unclear if the army will ground its mortar systems pending investigation into the incident.

Previous Incidents

Wednesday’s fatal training session was the latest of several such incidents near the firing range.

Last year, a civilian died when a shell exploded as he was trying to remove brass from it.

In December, at least 10 people were injured while collecting wood near the area.

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