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Indian Military to Buy 10 Tapas Surveillance Drones

The Indian Armed Forces is planning to procure 10 domestically-built Tapas drones to further boost its surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

A proposal has reportedly been sent to the central government for six Tapas drones for the Indian Air Force (IAF) and four for the Indian Navy.

The IAF will serve as the lead agency for the acquisition and induction of the unmanned aerial systems (UAS), according to defense officials.

The proposal will be taken up for discussion soon by the Indian defense ministry, with delivery expected to commence within 24 months of signing a contract.

It remains unclear how the IAF will use the Tapas, while the Indian Navy intends to take advantage of its capabilities to monitor the country’s maritime zone.

Tapas Features

Manufactured by Bharat and Hindustan Electronics, the Tapas is described as a long-endurance drone capable of performing surveillance beyond the horizon.

It can be controlled remotely and execute pre-programmed flight plans with precision and flexibility.

The drone reached an altitude of 28,000 feet (8,534 meters) during trials and flew for over 18 hours. It also recorded a speed of 225 kilometers (139 miles) per hour.

Apart from surveillance, the drone can carry out target acquisition and tracking in both day and night conditions.

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