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Germany Mulls $3B Boxer Armored Vehicle Purchase From Australia

Germany is considering purchasing many Boxer armored vehicles from Australia in a potential 3-billion Australian dollar ($1.9-billion) deal.

The development was reported by Andrew Tillett in the Australian Financial Review, citing Berlin’s $157-billion spending spree on new weapons and equipment.

According to the report, negotiations are in the advanced stages, and deliveries could begin as soon as 2024.

The outlet also noted that Germany’s planned acquisition could be much bigger than the Australian Army’s order, which covers 211 Boxer vehicles.

German ambassador to Canberra Markus Ederer explained that the ongoing war in Ukraine has increased the need for many countries to replenish their stocks – from vehicles to ammunition.

This is why Australian-made Boxers are in demand.

“The German parliament has adopted a special fund of €100 billion and procurement decisions are now flowing from that,” Ederer told the website.

The Boxer

The Boxer is an 8×8 multi-role armored vehicle designed to operate in high-intensity conflict zones and support relief and humanitarian operations.

It can be configured for various missions, including troop transport, command and control, ambulance services, and reconnaissance.

The vehicle has a hardened steel hull to protect against blast mines, absorbing critical blast deformation.

Additionally, the Boxer boasts an advanced thermal acoustic and radar signature management capability, allowing it to operate with a low signature.

The Infantry Fighting and Combat Reconnaissance versions of the Boxer are fitted with a 30-millimeter automatic cannon and will be equipped with Rafael Spike LR2 anti-tank missile systems.

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