US Army Announces HIMARS Interoperability Project for European Allies

The US Army V Corps will launch a project to enhance the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) capabilities of partner nations in Europe.

Called the European HIMARS Initiative (EHI), the effort focuses on a “multi-faceted approach to build alliance lethality, interoperability and field artillery expertise.”

It will be offered to allies that own or are interested in obtaining HIMARS rocket launcher systems.

‘Operational Advantage’

Under the EHI, the nations will conduct a senior leader summit to discuss the effectiveness, training, and deployment of HIMARS launchers.

The summit will be followed by a series of leader engagements to understand more about the weapon system’s application and sustainment, an apprenticeship program for combined US and foreign warfighters, and HIMARS fielding and deliveries.

M142 HIMARS launch
M142 high mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS) fired during training near Camp Buehring, Kuwait, October 4, 2016. Image: US Army/Sgt. Aaron Ellerman

All EHI summits and engagements will be held in Eastern and Central Europe. Partners receiving the equipment will decide on sites for fielding events.

The EHI is scheduled to commence this spring.

“HIMARS allow NATO allies and partners to rapidly mass fire from a distance, creating decision space, flexibility, and operational momentum to locations that would otherwise be difficult to achieve,” V Corps Commanding General Lt. Gen. John Kolasheski stated.

“This gives us an operational advantage over an adversary and is critical during large scale ground combat.”

The EHI is being developed in collaboration with NATO members and US defense stakeholders, including US Army Europe and Africa, US Army Field Artillery School, and Program Executive Office – Missiles and Space.

Other organizations to join the project include the 56th Artillery Command, 41st Field Artillery Brigade, 4th Security Forces Assistance Brigade, and Division Artillery from the 4th Infantry Division and 101st Airborne Division.

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