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S. Korea Unveils ‘Kill Web’ Concept to Kill Enemy Missiles Before Launch

South Korea has introduced a new defense concept to address missile and nuclear threats from adversaries, particularly North Korea.

“Kill Web” is a multi-layered strategy employing electronic warfare tactics, cyber operations, and other means to prevent enemies from firing missiles, according to the South Korean defense ministry.

The capability would allow Seoul to neutralize sophisticated enemy missile systems even before they can be launched.

The concept is a fundamental component of Military Innovation 4.0, a project to utilize artificial intelligence and other state-of-the-art technologies to build a smarter and more resilient armed force.

Kill Web vs. Kill Chain

South Korea currently has a preemptive strike mechanism dubbed “Kill Chain,” designed to operate linearly and sequentially.

It is a pillar of the nation’s Three-Axis defense system to incapacitate North Korea in a major conflict.

However, Kill Web reportedly offers a more flexible approach, allowing military personnel to make adjustments to their initial target decisions.

It will be used to implement the Kill Chain system more effectively, rather than replacing it, according to a defense official.

“The Kill Chain concept is to proceed in a single direction,” he said. “But the Kill Web, like a spider’s web, entails frequent mission adjustments to ensure the operational effectiveness.”

Missile Threats

Seoul’s move to bolster its missile defense capabilities is fueled by the increasing number of missile test incidents conducted by its arch-foe North Korea.

Last month, Pyongyang fired cruise missiles following a US-South Korean military drill focused on responses to a nuclear attack.

North Korea regarded the exercise as a “declaration of war” and fired four Hwasal-2s in a so-called “strategic cruise missile launching drill.”

President Kim Jong-un also supervised the launch of two long-range cruise missiles designed to carry tactical nukes late last year.

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