Canada Sending Four More Leopard Tanks to Ukraine

Canada is sending four additional battle tanks to Ukraine — doubling its commitment — and sanctioning an additional 192 Russian individuals and entities, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday.

“Canada has stood in solidarity with Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict,” Trudeau said in a news conference on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We will continue to do so,” Trudeau told journalists, speaking in Toronto where he is to attend an evening vigil for the victims of the war.

While decrying Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s “war of aggression” and calling him “dangerous, cowardly and weak,” he also acknowledged: “We know that this fight is not over.”

The new sanctions target Russian lawmakers who’ve backed the invasion of Ukraine, including deputy prime ministers, ministers, others in Putin’s office, its military and defense sector, as well as family members of individuals already on Canada’s sanctions list.

Trudeau’s office said four previously announced German-made Leopard 2 battle tanks have been delivered to Poland where Ukrainian soldiers are being trained on their use.

In addition to the four new Leopard 2 tanks, Canada is also sending an armored vehicle and munitions.

The new aid package and sanctions were disclosed as the United States announced in coordination with G7 allies a salvo of expanded sanctions against Russia.

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