Finland Orders NLAW Anti-Tank Systems for $38 Million

Finland has placed an order with Saab for Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons (NLAW) amounting to 400 million Swedish kronor ($38 million).

Helsinki ordered the missile system through a framework agreement with Saab, including Sweden and the UK. The delivery is expected in 2024.

The purchase will be financed through the supplementary budget, which includes “additional funding for rapidly launched defence materiel procurements.”

Can Take Out ‘Heavily Protected’ Tanks

The should-launched system attacks a tank from above.

The Swedish defense firm claims that the weapon can neutralize heavily protected main battle tanks at ranges between 20 and 800 meters (65 and 2,625 feet).

“We greatly value our long and close relation with the Finnish Defence Forces,” Saab’s Gorgen Johansson said. “I am proud to contribute to Finland’s army’s anti-tank capability with our proven NLAW system, known for being trusted by soldiers.”

Recent Defense Purchases

The Nordic nation has made a spate of purchases recently to bolster its anti-tank capability, including Rafael Spike missiles for $236 million in December and an additional order of M72 MK2 Enhanced Capability Lightweight Anti-Tank Weapons for $56 million in September.

Local defense firm Nammo Lapua manufactures the M72.

In addition, the US has approved a sale of Stinger portable anti-air missiles and AIM 9X Block II tactical missiles and AGM-154 Joint StandOff Weapons to Finland for $380 million and $323 million, respectively.

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