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Finland Awards Rafael $236M Short and Long-Range Missile Contract

Finland has selected Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to supply short- and long-range missiles to the Finnish military.

The ministry made the decision following months of evaluation that narrowed down the choice from five to two companies – both from Israel.

Israel Aerospace Industries proposed its Barak MX, an advanced air and missile defense system that provides a single integrated solution for multiple simultaneous aerial threats.

However, Finland chose Rafael’s SPIKE SR (short-range), LR2 (long-range), and ER2 (extended-range) missile systems to boost its air defense capabilities.

The contract’s total value is 223.6 million euros ($236 million) before tax.

In addition to the missiles, the contract includes munitions, training equipment, training support, and spare parts.

The SPIKE missile

Rafael’s family of SPIKE legacy missiles is designed to be suited for land, air, and naval platforms.

It enhances the lethality, survivability, and deterrence of armed forces, especially during combat operations.

Additionally, the weapon utilizes a dual electro-optical sensor and an automatic tracker for day and night applications.

It is capable of striking enemies with pinpoint accuracy at a range of up to 16 kilometers (10 miles).

According to the defense ministry, procuring the the SR and LR2 variants will help augment the Finnish Army’s anti-tank capabilities.

The ER2 system, meanwhile, will be purchased for the navy to help target enemy vessels and critical military infrastructure.

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