GKN to Renovate Military Aero-Engine Test Facility in Sweden

The Swedish Armed Forces and GKN Aerospace have signed a contract to renovate a military engine test facility in Trollhättan.

The site is used to validate the high-speed capabilities of military aircraft engines and replicate scenarios with supersonic flying conditions.

Valued at 200 million Swedish kronor ($18.9 million), the construction agreement supports the ongoing development and maintenance of the RM12 and RM16 aero-engines powering Swedish Gripen fleets.

Once revamped, the GKN Trollhättan facility is expected to provide long-term technical and related services for the engines in all the country’s Gripen variants.

Supersonic engine test
Supersonic engine test. Photo: GKN Technologies

Investment in Long-Term Military Support

GKN has supported the RM12 engines since the first JAS 39 Gripen multi-role fighter aircraft was commissioned into the Swedish Air Force in 1997.

The company has manufactured aero-engines for the service since the 1930s.

GKN’s Trollhättan site is operated by 2,000 employees, around 250 of which focus on military engine designs and associated support.

“This investment secures our ability to support the Armed Forces for the long term,” GKN Government and Space Programs Vice President Stefan Oscarsson stated.

“It enhances our offer for both current and future aircraft engine systems and we are extremely proud of our role in the Gripen platform.”

Recent Swedish Gripen Fleet Upgrade

In 2022, the Swedish government awarded Saab a $338-million contract to upgrade the country’s Gripen fleet.

The project will see data links and support systems updates to enhance interoperability between Swedish Gripen variants.

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