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Iranian Drone Strikes Mock Israeli Naval Base in Military Drill

An Iranian combat drone struck a mock Israeli naval base and ship during a recent military drill.

The Zolfaqar 1401 exercise saw an Ababil-5 suicide drone taking off from a Hengam-class landing ship, striking a target resembling the Eilat Naval Base, The Times of Israel reported citing open-source intelligence.

The annual drill included striking an Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 6 corvette mock-up berthed at the base, The Jerusalem Post wrote.

Israel recently tested a long-range Barak missile interceptor from the German-made corvette.

Multi-Force Drill

The loitering munition flew 400 kilometers (248 miles) to hit the target near the Strait of Hormuz, Daily Sabah reported, citing state media. 

The drill included a range of drones, including combat, reconnaissance, and intercept models.

The Iranian Army drill began on December 29, involving ground forces, air force, navy, and air defense force.

Domestic ‘Mersad’ Air Defense System

On January 1, the drill saw Iran’s domestically-developed missile defense system, Mersad, demonstrating drone interception.

The mobile air defense system has a detection range of 150 kilometers (93 miles), capable of destroying targets within 40 kilometers (25 miles).

The drills also reportedly saw submarines with locally-developed torpedoes destroying underwater targets.

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