Lithuania, EU, UK Team Up to Train More Ukrainian Soldiers in 2023

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense has confirmed it will provide additional military training for Ukrainian troops amid the Russian invasion.

Approved by parliament, the aid will hone the skills of nearly 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers. Around 1,100 personnel will receive training in Lithuania.

As part of the program, 40 Lithuanian instructors will lead the training under the European Union Military Assistance Mission of Ukraine

Another 25 Lithuanian instructors will work under the British-led Operation Interflex training to be held in the UK.

The program will commence in 2023 and is expected to train approximately 15,000 Ukrainian warfighters.

Maintaining Support for Ukraine

According to the ministry, the approval further supports the Lithuanian National Military Training Operation launched in 2017.

Under this initiative, Lithuanian military instructors are allowed to train foreign armed forces from EU and NATO members in their respective territories.

The operation is managed by a maximum of 60 military and civilian personnel of the Lithuanian National Defence System.

“Allied efforts to provide more support to Ukraine with military training are increasing, new assistance to Ukraine missions are launched,” Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas stated.

“Lithuania will contribute actively to them because our security depends on Ukraine’s security. We will support Ukraine until it wins and when that happens, we will train their troops further.”

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