EU Countries Agree to Train 15,000 Ukrainian Soldiers: Report

European Union member states have agreed to establish a training program for 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in their territories, Der Spiegel revealed.

Final details of the European Union Military Assistance Mission will be negotiated next week in Brussels, followed by a decision on the 17th.

Mission headquarters will be located in Poland, while individual programs will run in other EU countries, the outlet added.

Among the participating nations, Germany has offered to train soldiers at a combat simulation center, including the training of “Ukrainian engineers, medics and other specialists,” Reuters wrote, citing the German outlet.

First Joint Training Effort

This is the first joint effort to train Ukrainian soldiers in multiple countries. Currently, the UK is the only foreign country training Ukrainian soldiers under Operation Interflex.

The UK program aims to train 10,000 new Ukrainian soldiers within a year across a network of British training sites. Around 5,000 soldiers had been trained under the program by June.

The program is a successor to Operation Orbital, which has trained 22,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the UK between 2015 and May this year, according to Politico.

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