UK to Provide Training to 10,000 Ukrainian Soldiers

The UK will train up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers over the coming months to help defend their country against invading Russian forces.

The program is part of a British government commitment to supporting Kyiv, which has already lost thousands of lives and critical infrastructure since the invasion began in February.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), the training will give Ukrainian troops the skills to be effective in frontline combat.

It will be based on London’s present soldier training, which includes weapons proficiency, patrol tactics, fieldcraft, and battlefield first aid.

More than 1,000 British service personnel will be tapped to provide the training to Ukrainian volunteers, including those with little to no military experience.

Bolstering Resistance

As part of the training, the UK has procured AK assault rifles similar to those used by Ukrainian forces on the front line.

The MoD said more than 2,400 AK variant rifles have been tested to ensure they are ready for the program.

The country will also provide Ukrainian participants with necessary clothing and equipment, including helmets, body armor, eye protection, and first aid kits.

Additional equipment such as ponchos, sleeping bags, and entrenching tools will also be provided.

“This ambitious new training program is the next phase in the UK’s support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their fight against Russian aggression,” British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said.

He further noted that the “world-class” expertise of the British Army would help Ukraine rebuild its forces and scale up its resistance as it continues to defend its territory.

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