EU Tactical Personnel Recovery Simulator Now Operational

The European Defence Agency’s tactical personnel recovery mission simulator (TPRMS) has reached full operational capability.

The simulator will be used to train military personnel for recovery missions, procedures, and tactical approaches too risky to practice live.

The Italian Air Force demonstrated TPRMS recovery rehearsals and its specialized virtual reality technology during the event.

Powerful Training Capability

“TPRMS is a major achievement for European defence cooperation and the personnel recovery community,” European Defence Agency Chief Executive Jiří Šedivý said at the ceremony.

“The simulator is a unique and powerful training capability to enhance European expertise in Personnel Recovery through the innovative use of training simulations, an expertise that has clear operational value in most difficult threat environments.” 

International personnel recovery organizations, including the US Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, European Personnel Recovery Center, NATO Joint Air Power Competence Center, and Center of Analysis and Simulation for Preparation of Air Operations attended the demonstration.

Representatives from eight EU members were also present at the ceremony at the Italian Air Force’s Poggio Renatico Base.

Personnel Recovery Course

The European Defence Agency launched a follow-on project called the ”TPRMS Pilot Course” the same day.

The initiative will establish a common approach to personnel recovery training and deployment among all EU allies.

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