C3 AI Secures Enterprise Solution Contracts for US Missile Defense Agency

The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has awarded California-based software provider C3 AI three contracts to deliver artificially intelligent enterprise solutions.

The agreements are part of a $500-million five-year production contract awarded in December 2021 for modeling and simulation services and products at the MDA and across US defense.

“An enterprise AI platform that allows for credible assessment of combined kinetic and non-kinetic effects across domains is critical to optimize and correctly evaluate missile defense mission effectiveness,” C3 AI CTO and President Ed Abbo said.

“We are thrilled to fulfill the MDA’s first three orders in our five-year partnership.”

C3 AI Projects With MDA

The first contract will see the development of an AI application that generates machine-learning models to obtain accurate data on advanced and potential threats for analyses and simulations.

The second contract will equip the MDA’s test activities with an Impact Level 6 classified cloud architecture to consolidate trial information into a federal data model. The architecture can also provide AI-backed insights for associated tests at the agency.

The third contract will optimize and automate test processes, modify test requirements, and analyze engineering data at the MDA at an enterprise scale to enhance the agency’s ground testing operations.

AI Capabilities for Missile Defense

According to C3 AI, the future enterprise solutions will add to the company-built AI suite and military applications in use throughout the US Air Force, Space Command, and other defense agencies.

C3 AI capabilities related to security clearance, insider threat, modeling, predictive maintenance, and simulation are used across customers to date.

“The insights extracted from large volumes of sensor, network, and weapon system test data are critical to analyzing the operational effectiveness, suitability, and survivability of the Missile Defense System,” MDA Innovation Science and Technology Director Dr. Shari Feth explained.

“The deployment of an enterprise AI platform has allowed the MDA to demonstrate robust end-to-end capabilities for collaborating on AI model development and rapidly deploying insights into new production applications.”

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