Russia Likely Using Unreliable Ammo as Stocks Dwindle: US

Russia is likely turning to older, less reliable artillery and rocket ammunition as its newer stocks run low for its war in Ukraine, a senior US military official said Monday.

Moscow’s supply of new ammunition is “rapidly dwindling” and would likely only last until early 2023 if its forces continue to fire at current rates, the official told journalists.

This “is probably forcing them to increasingly use ammunition in what we would consider degraded conditions,” the official said.

“In other words, you load the ammunition and you cross your fingers and hope it’s going to fire, or when it lands that it’s going to explode.”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin highlighted Russian artillery ammunition issues late last month, attributing them to both Moscow’s logistical challenges and Ukrainian strikes on supply depots.

Russian forces invaded Ukraine in February and Moscow has become increasingly isolated since then, with Washington saying the Kremlin has turned to countries, including Iran, to aid its war effort.

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