Lockheed Martin to Provide US Army With Civilian Cyber Training

The US Army Civilian Career Management Activity and Lockheed Martin have teamed up to deliver web-based cyber training for 17,000 US Army personnel.

For the program, the company will provide its latest Mission Readiness & Reporting (MR2) cyber management solution.

The platform enables governments and organizations that need training and workforce management capabilities to select, evaluate, and hone the skills of their employees to meet monitoring and proficiency requirements.

In the latest partnership, the MR2 will be utilized to “identify, cultivate, assess and train” civilian army workers under the Cyber Workforce Framework set by the US Department of Defense.

Other industry partners, including Ultimate Knowledge Institute, Aries Security, and Amazon Web Services govCloud, will work with Lockheed Martin on the program by providing additional training options.

“Mission Readiness & Reporting connects cyber training and mission readiness and ensures that the civilian cyber workforce is agile, resilient and ahead of the threat,” Lockheed Martin Cyber & Intelligence Vice President Tish Rourke said.

“We can seamlessly integrate this system to support joint all-domain operations and 21st Century Security mission planning needs and cyber battle management.”

Other Cyber and Intelligence Projects With Lockheed Martin

In 2021, Lockheed Martin and network provider Verizon developed a 5G technology to enhance communication capability across the US armed forces.

A separate 5G communication contract was signed by Lockheed Martin in February to provide a secure network infrastructure testbed for the US Marine Corps.

The company also collaborated with Red Hat this year to support military customers with AI-powered visualization software that enables small drones to classify threats and improve situational awareness.

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