Lockheed, Verizon to Develop 5G Technology for US Military

Lockheed Martin is partnering with American wireless network operator Verizon to develop 5G technology that provides reliable and ultra-secure connections for the US armed forces.

The agreement was signed after the two companies successfully linked a commercial 5G mobile network with the communications network used by military warplanes in sending and receiving target coordinates.

According to Lockheed vice president for 5G programs Daniel Rice, the partnership will demonstrate that 5G innovation is essential in tactical environments where it may be connected or disconnected from broader public networks when necessary.

The two American firms seek to create new and innovative products and technologies that could help the defense industry achieve its 5G technology goals.

“Leveraging commercial 5G technologies with military-grade enhancements will let customers field, scale, and deploy this technology faster in more operational environments,” senior vice president of Engineering and Technology at Lockheed, Rod Makoske, said in a press release.

‘Connecting Weapons on the Battlefield’

Lockheed’s 5G.MIL program is a heterogeneous “network of networks” that integrates tactical and strategic networks and allows for “effective” military communication across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains.

The program will reportedly position the company as a leader in creating a “mesh network” capable of connecting all US armed forces weapons on the battlefield.

For now, the agreement between Lockheed and Verizon will focus on research and development for the 5G technology. However, Rice clarified that the initiative could expand in the future.

“There is the opportunity, as this continues to mature, to be working together both on government contracts, contract research and development potentially, as well as future services that could be delivered,” he said as quoted by Defense One.

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