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Rafael Drone Dome Wins Pentagon Approval

The US Department of Defense has approved Rafael Systems Global Sustainment’s Drone Dome counter-drone system to compete for future contracts following a demonstration.

The April demonstration included “accurate detection, identification and soft-kill capabilities against a variety of drone targets,” Rafael’s US subsidiary wrote in a statement.

The multi-sensor, multi-effector system employed an RPS-42 radar, an electro-optical/infrared system, and a radio frequency detection & mitigation system during the demonstration.

Soft and Hard Kill Interception

Drone Dome uses kinetic (laser) and electronic (jammer) effectors to intercept unmanned aircraft. The system’s configurable architecture also enables it to adapt to different operational requirements.

“Drone Dome’s artificial intelligence capabilities provide a more precise picture of the incoming threat,” the company stated.

“This additional information allows the system to both detect and identify specific threat elements more accurately and engage and neutralize the target faster and more efficiently.” 

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