Turkey Supplied Precision-Guided Missiles to Ukraine: Report

Turkey supplied dozens of precision-guided missiles to Ukraine in the early summer, Middle East Eye reported, citing sources confirming an earlier report.

Ankara shipped 50 to 200 TRLG-230 missiles to Kyiv, capable of being launched from multiple rocket launchers, the London-based outlet revealed, confirming a report from investigative platform Oryx.

The Roketsan missile is one of the many weapons Turkey has sent to Ukraine during the conflict, despite having good relations with Russia, Oryx’ Stijn Mitzer said.

He told Middle East Eye that Turkey was the first to supply such a weapon to Ukraine during the war, even before the US shipped the first M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System to the country in June.


The missile can be fired from the Roketsan multi-barrel rocket launcher and other compatible platforms.

“TRLG-230 missiles are destined for pinpoint strikes on target, rather than firing a lot of them at once as with a regular multiple rocket launcher,” Mitzer told the outlet.

The 230mm, 210-kilogram (463 pounds) missile has a 42-kilogram (92 pounds) warhead and a range of 20 to 70 kilometers (12 to 43 miles).

The GPS, inertial navigation system, and laser seeker-guided missile are particularly effective after receiving a target designated by the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 combat drone, the blog stated.

Turkish Weapons Supplied to Ukraine 

Other Turkish armaments supplied to Ukraine during the war include 35 Bayraktar TB2 combat drones, 24 Mini-Bayraktar reconnaissance drones, electronic warfare equipment, 200 BMC Kirpi Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, mortars, and ammunition, according to Oryx.

Ukraine will also receive the first of two Ada-class corvettes it ordered from Turkey in December 2020, the blog added.

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