Lockheed Wins $521M US Army Deal to Replenish Guided Rockets Stockpile

Lockheed Martin has received a $521-million contract from the US Army to replenish its stockpile of guided multiple launch rocket systems (GMLRS) sent to Ukraine.

The procurement is funded through a Congressional supplemental appropriation to support the war-torn nation.

According to defense undersecretary William A. LaPlante, the multimillion-dollar contract reflects the battlefield significance and impact of the GMLRS for US allies.

“This award enables us to replenish our own inventory while providing critical capabilities for our allies and international partners,” US Army acquisition official Douglas R. Bush added.

He further noted that the army remains committed to accelerating the replenishment of its stockpiles to address rapidly-emerging threats.

The new rocket systems are expected to be delivered to the army by August 2025.

Biggest Armaments Supplier

The US has sent more than $18 billion in military aid to Ukraine since the Russian invasion began in February.

It reportedly makes Washington Kyiv’s largest armaments supplier, with military equipment such as 105mm howitzers and anti-tank Javelin missiles delivered to the Ukrainian Army.

In September, the US announced $675 million in additional military equipment for Ukraine, which included GMLRS rockets that can hit targets up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) away.

Upgraded GMLRS

Last month, Lockheed Martin successfully demonstrated an upgraded version of the rocket system — the next-generation extended-range GMLRS.

It can hit targets at up to 135 kilometers (83.8 miles).

The weapon reportedly provides improved versatility and is a better choice for missions conducted at longer distances.

However, it is unclear if the GMLRS under the $521-million US Army contract includes the upgraded version.

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