Norway Boosts Ukraine Aid With Additional $150M Pledge

The Norwegian government has pledged nearly 1.5 billion kroner ($150 million) of additional military support to Ukraine, further bolstering the country’s armed forces nine months into Russia’s invasion.

The donation, to be sent through the British-led International Fund for Ukraine, is in addition to the 400 million Norwegian kroner ($40 million) provided earlier to procure drones, drone jamming equipment, and artillery shells.

“Norway has been unwavering in its support for Ukraine and this significant new contribution to the International Fund for Ukraine will make a material difference to providing further military aid,” British Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace said.

The additional aid is part of Norway’s three billion Norwegian kroner ($301 million) pledge to Ukraine for 2022.

Norwegian defense firms are also urged to submit bids to the fund.

“This fund provides equipment acquired directly from the defense industry. Norway has a world leading defense industry within certain areas, and produces systems that can supply Ukraine’s requirements,” Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram said.

“I am pleased that Norwegian industry will be able to compete for contracts through this fund.”

‘Flexible Low-Bureaucracy Fund’

The International Fund for Ukraine is a flexible low-bureaucracy fund organized by the United Kingdom.

It collects contributions from the British government and 25 other allied nations, ensuring a steady flow of money for long-term provisions of military equipment and other support to Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

In August, the 26 Western countries vowed to raise over 1.5 billion euros ($1.55 billion) in response to the Ukrainian government’s request for additional weaponry and training for its soldiers.

Two months earlier, the UK approved one billion pounds ($1.2 billion) in military aid, including air-defense systems and drones, to the Eastern European nation.

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