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UAE Deploys First Israeli Barak Air Defense System

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has deployed its first Barak air defense system from Israel, according to a report by Breaking Defense, citing defense sources.

The development comes a few months after Abu Dhabi quietly reached out to Jerusalem following a drone and missile attack by the Houthis on some of the country’s critical infrastructure.

Sources did not mention which version of the Barak the UAE Armed Forces has deployed.

Israel Aerospace Industries produces a variety of Barak systems for medium-range, long-range, and extended-range missions.

The UAE’s procurement of the Barak system is reportedly the first of more substantial contracts between the two nations.

“This is going to be a very big contract, as the Emiratis need a large number [of defense systems] to protect some of their sensitive sites that have been hit again and again by missiles launched by the Houthi rebels in Yemen, the Iranian proxy in the region,” a source explained.

Barak Air Defense System

Developed jointly by Israel and India, the Barak is an advanced air defense system that provides a single integrated solution against multiple aerial threats.

Its medium- and long-range variants can intercept aircraft and low-flying anti-ship and cruise missiles at ranges of 35 kilometers (22 miles) and 70 kilometers (43 miles), respectively.

The extended-range variant can hit targets up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) away with the help of a dual pulse rocket motor and additional booster.

“The evolution of airborne threats across the globe, combined with geopolitical changes, requires an advanced, agile, and versatile air defense system,” Israel Aerospace Industries President Boaz Levy said in 2021.

“The BARAK system was operationally proven against countless threats, including some of the most challenging ones today.”

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