Poland Buys More Advanced Naval Mine-Hunting Vehicles From Saab

Poland has ordered additional “Double Eagle” semi-autonomous remotely operated vehicles (SAROVs) for naval mine-hunting operations.

The contract comes amid the country’s increasing military modernization in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to manufacturer Saab, the Double Eagle SAROVs will be deployed on the Polish Navy’s new Kormoran II-class minehunter vessels.

Polish shipbuilding firm Remontowa, which is building the second batch of the Kormoran II-class ships, will be responsible for equipping the new vessels with the advanced mine-hunting systems.

In 2020, Saab received a similar contract from Poland to deliver the SAROVs for the country’s first two mine countermeasure (MCM) vessels.

“These MCM vessels represent an important contract for Remontowa Shipbuilding as well as an important statement and reinforcement of Poland’s national security in a fast-changing world,” Remontowa official Dariusz Jaguszewski said.

“Saab has already successfully delivered and commissioned its Double Eagle systems to us for the first three vessels in the Kormoran II program.”

The Double Eagle SAROV

Saab’s Double Eagle SAROV is reportedly a “safe, versatile, and cost-effective” hybrid system to detect and dispose of sea mines.

It has a speed of up to six knots (11 kilometers/7 miles per hour) and a range of more than three kilometers (2 miles).

In addition to minehunting, the system’s robust design makes it suitable for underwater surveying, detection of underwater objects, and rapid environmental assessment.

It can be installed on ships or deployed remotely.

“We welcome these orders from Remontowa Shipbuilding for additional Double Eagle SAROV systems for the Polish Navy, which will enable them to conduct efficient and safe mine countermeasure operations,” Saab official Niclas Kolmodin stated.

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