Next-Gen Abrams to Feature Hybrid Power Plant 

The next-generation Abrams main battle tank will be given a hybrid conventional-electric propulsion system, enabling 50 percent less fuel consumption and silent mobility, General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) revealed this week.

The vehicle manufacturer will unveil the AbramsX technology demonstrator at an exhibition next week with other vehicle concepts.

Lighter Version

The AbramsX is lighter than the in-service M1A2 System Enhanced Package Version 3 tank (SEPv3), ensuring better mobility and transportability. 

At 73.6 tons, the latest Abrams is 10 tons heavier than the original, limiting its transportability to certain ships and aircraft. 

The M1A2’s weight was one reason for acquiring new Maneuver Support Vessels (Light) landing craft, according to The War Zone.

The tank’s weight and size also raise doubts over its ability to cross many bridges in Europe, the outlet observed.

Bridge Between SEPv4 and Future Tank

An improved version of the SEPv3, the SEPv4 is under development and was initially scheduled for induction by 2025.

GDLS stated in a press release that the “AbramsX can be a key node in lethal battlefield networks and serve as a bridge from Abrams SEPv3 and SEPv4 to a future tank.” 

Additional Features

AbramsX features include “reduced crew size and AI-enabled lethality, survivability, mobility, manned/unmanned teaming and autonomous capabilities.” It has the same range as the M1A2.

The US Army has long used a four-man tank crew of commander, gunner, loader, and driver. The new tank is likely to include an autoloader for reduced crew size.  

According to The War Zone, the vehicle seems to feature a range of new weapons and sensors, including “a 30mm cannon-armed Kongsberg Protector RS6 Remote Weapon Station on top of the turret, what may be an advanced 120mm main gun, a version of the Trophy active protection system, and new electro-optical/infrared sensor turrets for the commander and gunner.”

The AbramsX, StrykerX, Stryker Leonidas, and TRX Breacher will be unveiled at the Association of the US Army’s Annual Meeting & Exposition, scheduled for October 10 to 12, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

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