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Lockheed to Supply M299 Launchers to US Army for $25.9M

The US Army has awarded Lockheed Martin a $25.9-million contract to supply M299 All Up Launchers and spare parts for the army and international customers.

The multi-platform and multi-mission launcher capability allows operational flexibility to engage a wide range of targets.

Designed to operate in severe flight conditions, the launcher is equipped to “recognize and fire all Hellfire variants and Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) in any sequence plausible.”

“The M299 Launcher is the go-to solution for multiple aircraft and ground platforms when it comes to defending, deterring, and defeating current and future threats,” JAGM Systems program director Joey Drake said.

Several US Army platforms have been successfully integrated with the M299 launcher, including the AH-64D, AH-64E, Seahawk, Cobra, and Tigre.

Lockheed said the launcher exceeded specified operational reliability of 99 percent per mission, the company said in an October 5 statement.

Lockheed will manufacture and deliver the M299 launchers by 2025.

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