Essentium Demonstrates Field-Deployable 3D Printer to US Navy

Essentium has demonstrated the viability and efficacy of its field-deployable 3D printing technology at the US Navy’s REPTX 2022 (Repair Technology Exercise) in Port Hueneme, California.

Essentium’s modified Essentium 280i HSE 3D Printer is categorized as an additive manufacturing technology that has the potential to enhance the navy’s “ability to perform expeditionary maintenance operations.”

The company’s demonstration supports the US Navy, National Guard, and Air Force in search of a joint capability for future 3D printing endeavors.

Zack Burhop with Essentium Inc. and Boatswains Mate 2nd Class Emmanuel Kuti at REPTX.
Zack Burhop with Essentium Inc. and Boatswains Mate 2nd Class Emmanuel Kuti at REPTX. Photo: Teri Carnicelli/US Navy

“Essentium is committed to exploration at the edge of additive manufacturing and is grateful to have found such amazing partners in ARCWERX, the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office, and now the U.S. Navy to do so,” Essentium Chief Technology Officer Elisa Teipel said.

“We are thrilled to work collaboratively on challenges, participate in amazing events like REPTX, and are excited to see what comes next.”

REPTX 2022

REPTX showcases different technological concepts and demonstrations that benefit the military in real-world scenarios.

This year, industry partners utilized innovations from various fields, including robotics, augmented reality, unmanned systems, and data connectivity to collaboratively solve maintenance problems aboard the US Navy’s Self Defense Test Ship within a given time.

“The opportunity to work directly with Sailors offered amazing insight into how additive manufacturing can benefit the future of digital manufacturing within the Navy,” Essentium Applications Engineer III Zach Burhop said.

“The unique environment of a Navy ship showcased the need for a deployable digital manufacturing solution that can address the wide diversity of part needs both at port and when under way.”

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