UK’s Duke-Class Frigate ‘HMS Kent’ Completes Weapon, Combat Tests

The Royal Navy’s Duke-class Type 23 frigate HMS Kent has completed weapon and naval combat tests after undergoing maintenance and upgrades.

The assessment prepares the frigate to join future deployments and drills, such as the Joint Warrior military exercise in Scotland next month.

“Following on from intense engineering periods, it is essential to fully test weapons and sensors, particularly ahead of deployment,” HMS Kent Weapons Engineer Officer Lt. Cmdr. Will Jones said.

“It’s also important that the ship’s embarked Flight have the chance to properly integrate with the ship’s company.”

HMS Kent’s Capability Test

During the evaluation, HMS Kent test-fired a lightweight Sting Ray torpedo and “sent high explosive shells hurtling out of the main 4.5in gun to calibrate muzzle velocity.”

HMS Kent deploys Sting Ray anti-submarine torpedo
HMS Kent deploys Sting Ray anti-submarine torpedo. Photo: British Army

The frigate and its accompanying Pacific 24 rigid inflatable boats also tested machine guns and the vessel’s Sonar 2087 towed array to hunt underwater targets.

Furthermore, HMS Kent’s Merlin Mk2 helicopter operators worked with the Culdrose-based 814 Naval Air Squadron to carry out emergency landing, winching, and simulated crash training on the ship’s deck.

“Ensuring the peak performance of the ship’s weapons and sensors is of paramount importance,” HMS Kent Commanding Officer Cmdr. Jez Brettell said.

“The trial period was highly successful as it also ensured our new Flight integrated properly as part of the Kent team.”

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